Enhanced stability and bug fixes

We are pleased to announce the release of dstack 0.1.1, an update that addresses several bothersome bugs and improves the stability of the tool.

The following are some of the significant fixes included in this update:

  • The issue of failed runs when using an RSA key for SSH has been resolved (#197)
  • The problem of corrupted run logs has been fixed (#185)
  • The dstack ls command now always works correctly on macOS and Windows (#189)
  • The dstack tags add command now allows for the creation of local tags (#173)

Try it now

To install the latest version of dstack, simply run the following command

pip install dstack --upgrade

Should you have any feedback, whether it be regarding an issue with the functionality or a question, please share it in our Slack chat or report it as a GitHub issue.

Meanwhile, stay tuned, everyone! We're hard at work on some really cool things that we'll be sharing with you soon.


New tutorial: Stable Diffusion with Diffusers

Furthermore, make sure to take a look at our latest tutorial, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to generate images using a pre-trained Stable Diffusion model using the diffusers library and dstack.